Mould Fungal & Algal Contamination Solutions


Black, grey or brown areas of fungus growth on surface of coating. Can also include Red, Yellow and Green Algae.

Possible Diagnosis:

  • Damp areas receiving little or no sunlight are susceptible to mould.
  • Painting over an area that has had mould.
  • Low quality paint containing no or low levels of in can biocides.
  • Reusing opened containers that have received contamination from application transfer and or storage conditions.



  • Determine firstly if the contamination is dirt or mildew by applying a few drops of household bleach. If the discolored areas dissapear. It's most likely mould.
  • Remove source of moisture by fixing the leak source, sealing or ventilation.
  • Apply biocide / sterilizer and or mildewcide as per manufacturer's instructions. Then scrub and rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat with paint that is protected with dry film biocide


Recommended Products:

  • Top Paint Fungal Wash
  • Top Paints Sheen
  • Top Paints Sandcoat